Communicating through a Crisis

AndreaMugA backhoe inadvertently digs up unmarked graves, a saltwater pipeline leak is detected and could cause environmental contamination, a beloved and strategic team member dies unexpectedly.  These are all things that could happen.  In fact, they have happened.  Each situation presented their own unique kind of crisis to our clients and team members in varying degrees.  Whether we like it or not, bad things are going to happen.  But there are steps you can take to help communicate through the crisis.

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Making your data communicate

To anyone who is not a statistician, data can seem pretty boring until it’s put in a digestible and useful context.2016_0801_NDLegislature_Outlines

Engineers love data points and so do we. But AE2S Communications, we realize when we see data, it’s more than just numbers. It’s real people, not just probabilities. Data is derived from real life. The numbers represent things that affect real people like our families, our communities and our clients.

Our goal as communicators is finding the human element behind important projects and technical information. Why does this project matter? Who can benefit from this technical information? Who needs to know this information?

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